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Relics visit Antonine College, Melbourne

Antonine College (Victoria) welcomed the relics of our Saints in the Golden Jubilee Reliquary.

Ms Joanne Bacash, Principal said, “What a Blessing it was to have the Relics of St Maroun, St Charbel, Saint Rafqa, St Nehmetallah, and St Mary of the Cross Mackillop, visit Antonine College. As the only Maronite Catholic College in Victoria, founded by the Antonine Sisters Order, we were excited to be included in the Relics tour.

“Sr Mariette Kareh, the Congregational Leader of the Antonine Sisters, along with Sr Veronique Karam and Sr Rita El Azzi, place great importance on opportunities for the students to develop and deepen their faith, and therefore, immediately responded ‘yes’ to having the Relics visit the College.

“This year, the Maronite Eparchy of Australia is celebrating its Golden Jubilee or Fifty Year anniversary, under the theme – The Maronites in Australia: A Journey of Holiness and Openness. His Excellency, Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay provided our College the opportunity to have the Relics Visit as part of the Jubilee celebrations.

“Foundation to year 12 students took part in a Prayer Service where they could venerate the relics. Parents and special guests attended also. Children from the Antonine Sisters Childcare joined the Foundation to year 4 prayer service. It was so special for all.
“Students at Antonine College have been learning about Relics in the weeks leading up to the visit. All religious education classes covered the lives of all five Saints and how they became Saints. They learned that we can all be Saints by praying, loving God and loving one another. Saints are real people who set examples for us so we can become better people.

“The Relics Visit highlights to us that we should take time to learn from the Saints how to love God more, and how to love God’s creation. Our College theme this year is, ‘We are all called to care for creation’. The Saints show us what it means to love God, to love one another and in turn, care for all creation.

“May our Antonine College community continue to receive God’s Blessings.”

Our gratitude to Ms Bacash, teachers, staff and parent community, and to Sr Mariette Kareh, the Congregational Leader of the Antonine Sisters, Sr Veronique Karam and Sr Rita El Azzi for their welcome and wonderful hospitality.

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