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Relics Arrive in Melbourne for Feast of the Assumption

The Golden Jubilee Reliquary arrived in Melbourne and was welcomed at Our Lady of Lebanon Church for the Feast of the Assumption Divine Liturgy.

The faithful gathered in large numbers to rejoice in this Great feast and venerate the Saints, reflecting on their love of our Blessed Mother.

His Excellency, Bishop Antoine Charbel Tarabay celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the parish, alongside Monsignor Joe Takchi, Fr Richard Jabour, Fr Johnny Saba, Fr Maroun Bou Rahal, Fr Charles Hitti and Subdeacon Nabih Raffoul. The Antonine Sisters and the Basilian Chourite Melkite Sisters were also present at the celebration.

We thank everyone who worked hard during this Feast Week and for all those who continue to work hard and remain dedicated to the Parish.

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