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Ordination of Brother Eliah as Subdeacon of the Church

The Maronite Community came together at Saint Charbel’s Parish in Punchbowl, to witness the ordination of Brother Eliah as Subdeacon of the Church in the Lebanese Maronite Order by His Excellency Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay.

This was an occasion of great joy and celebration, marking an important step in Brother Eliah’s journey of faith and vocation. Many who know him have known that he would achieve great things and with his ordination, he has done so, for there is nothing greater than offering one’s entire life to serve the Lord.

We are grateful to the Lord who is calling young men and women to come and to follow Him and serve His Church. We are grateful for Brother Eliah’s family who taught him the faith and who presented him to the Church with faith and joy.

Congratulations to the Lebanese Maronite Order, especially to Abbot Mahfouz and his council, and to Fr Assaad, Superior of this Monastery and all the monks at St Charbel’s.

Almighty and eternal God, Grant Brother Eliah the courage and vision to serve Your people. May his life and service call Your people to respond to the presence of Your Spirit among us that – faithful to the Gospel and hope of Jesus Christ – we may work to renew the face of the earth. Amen

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