You can view the Golden Jubilee booklet here (9 MB) and download a copy.

The booklet includes our Golden Jubilee prayer, a brief history of the Maronite Church in Australia, a chronological snapshot of our Maronite Eparchy from 1973-2023 and a calendar of events for 2023.

Our Golden Jubilee emblem explained

The emblem for the Golden Jubilee of our Maronite Eparchy embodies the essence of our faith and spirituality. It reflects, in the colours of the emblem, the journey of the Maronites across the seas to this vast land, Australia.

At the centre are three persons, on a sailing ship, forging forward, representing the Maronite people, always open to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The number three is of spiritual significance, for it reminds us of the Holy Trinity. The figures are in red, blue and green. Red, consistent with the Lebanese flag, symbolises the sacrifice of our people; green, the colour of the cedars of Lebanon and of abundance and prosperity; and blue to remind us of Dur Lady, who accompanies the Maronites on all our journeys, especially across the oceans.

In our pilgrimage we always follow the Holy Spirit, the dove, who guides the Church, the vessel, and leads us to safe harbours.

As Maronite Catholics, we continue to seek holiness, focussed on the Maronite Cross, our source of spirituality, and strengthened through the faith and resilience of our ancestors, and the prayers of our saints from Mar Maroun to Mar Nehmetallah Hardini.

Our mission remains to be open as a community, to be loving and to act with justice without compromising our values and heritage.