His Excellency Bishop Ad Abikaram’s Address
For the occasion of transferring the Shepherd’s Staff
To His Excellency Bishop Antoine Charbel Tarabay
At St Maroun’s Cathedral
3 June 2013

My dear Brother Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay,

I, Bishop Ad Abikaram, 3rd Maronite Bishop of Australia, I received the pastoral staff from my predecessor Bishop Youssef Hitti, who was himself the successor of Bishop Abdo Khalife, the first Maronite Bishop of Australia.

In turn, I now pass over to you the Staff of pastoral responsibility for our beloved Eparchy.

Through your episcopal ordination you have been granted, like your predecessors the grace of the fullness of the priesthood. You are now privileged to stand in the apostolic lineage, as the fourth Maronite Bishop of Australia.

We are all confident that you will guide this Eparchy according to the heart of our Lord Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and the spirituality of our Maronite Church, its regulations and traditions.

May you walk in the path of St Maroun, our father in faith, and in the footsteps of our righteous bishops.

We pray to God to assist you in your new ministry, and grant you the grace to discharge your mission with faith, hope and charity.