The Australian Maronite Professionals Council (AMPC) is a national non-profit organisation serving to connect Maronite professionals who are interested in the prosperity and welfare of Australia.

All members shall work towards achieving the following objectives:
• To be responsive to the professional needs of the Maronite community
• To empower the Maronite community by consolidating the talents and potential of its members
• To promote the Australian Maronite heritage, history and identity, in the wider Australian community and in particular to the new generation of Australian Maronite
• To promote and encourage Maronite professionals who have newly arrived in Australia by assisting them in the settlement process
• To support the Maronite Eparchy of Australia by:
         - promoting and supporting vocations to the priesthood and to religious life; and
         - provide the Eparchy with professional services
• To support and guide Maronite professionals in achieving their leadership goals


Contact Details

Phone: 02 8831 0000